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First Time Weave Wearer? Start Here

Must know before making your first purchase of hair extensions.

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Where's my order?

Need to check the status of your order? Can't locate your tracking number? We're here to help

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SL Raw Virgin Hair FAQ's

Learn how to care for your SL Raw Hair extensions and products to use.

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Shipping & Delivery Policy

Learn more about our shipping and delivery policy. When to expect your delivery. Holiday ship schedule

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SL Raw Weft Hair

Learn all about our popular weft hair extensions and how many bundles to purchase.

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SL Raw I-tip Hair

Learn the difference between our I-tip hair extensions and how many links you need.

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Exchange & Return Policy

Learn about our hassle free exchanges and returns.

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Rewards Program

Frequently asked questions about SL Raw Virgin Hair Rewards. How you can quickly earn rewards points. Redeem points and save on purchases.

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Payment Plan

Learn about all our payment options we offer for your convenience.

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Order Processing Time

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Why is my virgin hair texture different from my last order?

SL Raw Virgin Hair is “Raw Virgin Hair” which means this hair is Real high-quality human hair that hasn’t been processed nor altered. Raw hair differs from bundle to bundle. When ordering from SL Raw Virgin Hair we strongly advise that you purchase b

Do hair extensions damage your hair?

When hair extensions are applied by a trained salon professional, they can be absolutely risk-free and not damage your existing tresses. But, it is essential that you follow the necessary steps for proper upkeep of your mane so as to maintain healthy