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Why is my Curly I-tips tangling and I haven't installed them?Updated 2 years ago

 If you are experiencing tangling be sure that you are not doing any of the following below.

Curly Hair I-tips should not be comb/brush while dry. This will damage the hair and tangle it. Instead, manipulate hair while it’s wet. Do not attempt to pull links while in the packaging, this will damage the hair along with tangling the other hair links within the package.

Before installing hair, tips should be conditioned and separated by removing all tags/ties. This will allow hair links to be free and tangle-free.

SL Raw Virgin Hair is “Raw Virgin Hair” which means this hair is really high-quality human hair that hasn’t been processed nor altered. As you go higher in human hair quality there will be some frizz. But the coarser the hair the higher the frizz and mild tangle.

You can easily eliminate frizz/tangles by following the instructions in your hair care guide you received. Use conditioner and rinse with cool water, spray a little leave-in conditioner and let sit to air dry. If you keep manipulating the hair while drying, you will frizz the hair again.

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